Can I use the logo?

Can I use the logo?

The Messy Church® name and logo are registered trademarks of BRF in the UK.

Messy Church values are about being Christ-centered, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality, and celebration.

If your Messy Church subscribes to these values we are very happy for you to use our Messy Church name and logo, so long as this is within certain parameters. We understand that ideas need to be contextualized for your local church/situation and this may therefore involve adapting certain elements of Messy Church. However, we want to ensure that the core values of Messy Church are maintained by churches using the name and/or logo. We would therefore ask that before you call something ‘Messy Church’, you ensure that you’re clear what Messy Church is and that using the name is appropriate in your context.

There are a few guidelines for using the name and logo: DO NOT at any point change the color or arrangement of the logo. For example, no other words are permitted within the logo. The logo should always appear in its entirety. Do not remove ‘church’ from the log. BRF does not give permission for the logo to be redesigned or modified in any way.

Repetition and consistency are essential to brand recognition. The Messy Church logo should be placed in a prominent position. Full color and grayscale logos are available. Unless for b/w printing, the color logo must always be used.

Download the logo.

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