Who are the Regional Coordinators?

Who are the Regional Coordinators?

Our network of regional coordinators is growing in Messy Church USA. Regional coordinators support, pray and assist as they are able the local Messy Churches within their region. The regional coordinators work closely with the Messy Church USA team leader to resource the healthy growth and vitality of Messy Churches throughout the USA. This is a volunteer position and requires a teleconference interview with both the Messy Church USA team leader and the Messy Church International Regional Coordinator. We realize that there are large gaps in the USA and we look forward to the growth of the regional coordinator network.

(We are actively recruiting!)

Current Regional Coordinators in USA:

California/Hawaii/Southwest -
Marty Drake

Leyla Wagner
Chicago/Northern Illinois and Wisconsin -
Ronda Bower

Colorado/Kansas/Nebraska -
New Coordinator TBA

Indiana -
Andrew Scanlan-Holmes

Maryland -
Melanie Rodriguez

Michigan -
Missy Harrison

New Mexico -
Barb Tegtmeier

New York and New Jersey -
Julie Hintz

North Dakota/South Dakota/Minnesota/Montana/Wyoming -
Sandee Prouty-Cole

Ohio -
New Coordinator TBA

Oregon (& other areas not listed) -
Roberta Egli

North and South Carolina -
Johannah Myers

Southern IL/Missouri -
Jillian Mayer

Tennessee -
Will Conner

Texas -
Kate Cross

Virginia -
Cindy Banek

Washington -
Crystal Goetz

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