Regional Coordinator Position Description

Messy Church USA Mission: 

To equip local churches to start, sustain and connect Messy Churches across the USA.

Mission for MC Regional Coordinator

To promote, encourage and support the development of Messy Churches of all Christian denominations in a designated region of the United States.


  • To promote the values of Messy Church to the churches in your region: 1) Christ-centered, 2) Hospitality, 3) Creativity, 4) All-Age together, and 5) Celebration (see About Messy Church USA or Messy Church UK for more information regarding Messy Church principles and values)
  • To promote Messy Church in your region by contacting relevant churches and networks in the region and being willing to speak at events organized by other people.
  • To encourage Messy Churches to become a member of the Messy Church USA network at Messy Church USA
  • To assist as needed, local messy churches to register at the Messy Church USA and BRF International website directory
  • Encourage leaders of Messy Churches to sign up to Newsletter emails and MC USA social media sites including Facebook.
  • To share stories, pictures and ideas on social media that have given approval by the author, family to use of churches within your region.
  • To contact and offer encouragement and support to newly registered Messy Churches – details supplied Roberta Egli, Team Leader of Messy Church USA.
  • To maintain an up-to-date directory of Messy Churches and contacts in your region and communicate with them monthly.
  • If feasible, to organize an annual Messy Meet Up for Messy Church leaders in your region.
  • To forward appropriate communications from the Messy Church team to your network of church contacts.
  • To identify Messy Churches that are examples of best practice suitable for inquirers to visit/observe; to confirm that these Messy Churches are willing to receive visitors and agree visitor protocols; and to advise Roberta Egli of these Messy Churches.
  • To attend the quarterly Messy Church USA regional coordinators teleconference calls.
  • To communicate regularly with Roberta Egli : news, stories, figures, quotations, prayer needs, difficulties, etc.

Requirements and Training

  • It is desirable that Regional Coordinators be effective practitioners/ leaders of their own local Messy Church for a minimum of one year
  • Candidates interested will be interviewed by the team leader of Messy Church USA and possibly one other person from USA or the International team.
  • One hour coaching teleconference training will be provided by Messy Church USA country regional coordinator. Support will be given to help you understand and carry out any aspect of this role as appropriate.


We recognize that the amount of time volunteers are able to offer will vary according to their individual circumstances. A guideline is a commitment of eight hours per month to the role.

If you are interested in becoming a regional coordinator please contact:

Messy Church USA Country Regional Coordinator Representative is Roberta Egli via email or you can call her at 541-760-3909

Primary BRF/Messy Church UK contact is Jane Leadbetter, UK Messy Church Team Member (Email)