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Getting Started One Day Training

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Explore the vital tools to begin your own Messy Church. You will learn about the history, values, format and best practices to get your Messy Church started. In addition you will have opportunity to dialogue with your team about specific challenges and strengths that will assist you in reaching all ages in with the good news of the gospel. Works well when several churches join together for the training event. Click here for a synopsis.

Messy Church USA highly recommends that you attend a Getting Started event prior to starting your local Messy Church!

Cost for the Getting Started Training

The cost is $150 for a team up to five people with an additional $ 25 per person after that.  Additional charge for lunch may be added at discretion of host church.  Minimum of 5 churches per training event. 

2-hour Workshops

These workshops could be added on to a one-day training event as an extra evening session or you could combine 2 workshops for a longer session.

What is Messy Church?

The basics: what Messy Church is, how it began and spread, how to do it most effectively and how to make the most of the five Messy Values.

Growing your Messy Church Team

How does the Messy Church team engage in faith formation? How does the team become church for each other in addition to planning for the monthly Messy Church? How do you enlarge your Messy Church Team?

Messy Discipleship

Exploring what discipleship means in a Messy Church context. What strategies are effective for growing discipleship among team members and families?

All Ages Together

Exploring the value of being all-age in Messy Church: grasping the bigger picture and practical ideas for bringing God’s family of young and old, single and families together.

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Both individual and Messy Team coaching are offered through Messy Church USA. Perhaps you have had a great start but are now ‘stuck’ or you have a specific goal; coaching can assist you and your team to get clarity and direction. Rev. Roberta Egli, a certified spiritual director with years of Messy Church experience offers 2 hours of teleconference coaching as a benefit with the Prime Membership. Additional sessions are available on request.

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