Embrace the Mess

Embrace the Mess

As a Messy Church practitioner how often are you asked, “Can you explain Messy Church in one sentence?” I receive this question frequently at training events and also from friends and strangers when I share that I am working as the Executive Director of Messy Church USA. My go to answer is “Messy Church is a once a month all-age worship experience that creatively explores the love of Christ where people of all shapes and sizes find a place to belong”. Yes, I realize that it is a long, run on sentence so at times I simply use the tag line that is used by Messy Church UK/BRF “Church, but not as you know it”.

We all have our concepts of what Church is and perhaps more important what Church isn’t, so it can be challenging to succinctly share the transformative goodness of Messy Church. If you are looking for ways to share the story of Messy Church, take a moment to read Stephanie Martin’s article, Embracing the Mess, from July/August 2019 issue of Children’s Ministry magazine. Let’s share the story of how Messy Church is making a difference in individual lives and local churches. Take a moment to read and share it.

Embrace the mess my friends!
Blessings, Roberta J. Egli

Reprinted by permission: Children’s Ministry Magazine, July/Aug 2019 issue, Group Publishing, Loveland, CO. All rights reserved.

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