Life… and Messy Church USA…is full of changes!

Life… and Messy Church USA…is full of changes!

by Roberta J.Egli 

January 26,2018

My dear Messy Friends,

Our primary goal for creating Messy Church USA is to develop a network in which local and geographically isolated Messy Churches can more easily get connected.  The Network will help local Messy Churches to learn from each other and provide support when that great idea fell flat! 

I announced the network via a newsletter on January 5th and the plan for membership on January 16th. Since that communication, we received important feedback that using the terms of membership was not inclusive to all sizes of Messy Church. THANK YOU for sharing with us your concerns! Today, I am announcing that the board met via teleconference earlier this week and made the first of what will probably be several adaptive changes!

Drum Roll for announcement please…

…we have added a free registration level to the Messy Church USA network.  Our goal is to make sure that EVERY active Messy Church within the USA will  join the network and be easily found on the upcoming Messy Church USA website directory.  We will have a three tier Network. 

Messy Church USA Network

1) Network Registration                               Free yearly

            2) Network Supporter                                  $  50 yearly

3) Network Sustainer                                  $ 200 yearly

Website to be updated soon. Be on the lookout for these updates  on the website. Our web designers are working diligently with all of these changes that we keep throwing at them! The USA directory should also be operative soon on the website so that you can find your Messy Church as well as other Messy Churches close in proximity!

Thanks again for all of your feedback.  Keep chatting with us and giving us your ideas!

Roberta J. Egli

Messy Church USA Team Leader