Messy Value of Hospitality

Messy Value of Hospitality

Five Values of Messy Church

On Wednesday May 13th, Charis Lambert, the first ever Regional Coordinator for Messy Church in the UK, held the third Messy Church Facebook Live event focused on the five foundational values.  She led a international group in thinking about how we can extend hospitality when we long to be with our Messy community!  

Messy Hospitality

Messy Hospitality during the lock-down

by Charis Lambert

When I google Messy Church, it comes up with the tag line ‘Messy Church- church but not as you know it.’

Unfortunately, at the moment Messy Church itself is not as we know (and love) it. And in this changed situation, the core value of hospitality is the one that might seem the hardest to re-envisage – where we cannot meet together physically and share the hospitality of the meal, the food, the time around the table. And we are grieving that loss, as we also acknowledge that many are suffering food poverty at this difficult time.

But hospitality is (and always has been) so much more than just food!


Graphic by Dave Martin, Messy Church BRF

Around the World Messy Church Adventure

To celebrate the amazing international Messy Church community and to bring a little joy to the day we will set out on the speediest round-the-world trip ever. On Thursday May 21st, (Ascension Day for the liturgical geeks), Messy Church leaders from England, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA will journey (digitally) journey through the Bible with worship, storytelling, prayer and food for thought. Starting with Lucy Moore, Messy Church founder and captain of this trip, begins at 8 am Midnight Pacific Time and will conclude at 2 pm Pacific Time).

Join us as on the Messy Church YouTube  as we set sail (virtually), take off (in our imagination) and rev our (digital) engines for a whole day of Mess!

The Messy Church USA collaborators for this adventure are Cindy Banek,(VA). Robin Cannon (NC), Marty Drake (CA), Roberta Egli (OR), Crystal Goetz (WA), Jillian Mayer (IL), Johannah Myers (SC), Jenna Reinke (TX), Leyla Wagner (CA), and Jim White(CA).

Time listed above is British Summer Time.
Be sure to check for your local time zone.

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