Why Start a Messy Church

Some Good reasons:

  • We want to make disciples of Jesus through faith formation.
  • The people in our communities who don’t belong to church would enjoy the experience of coming to a Messy Church.
  • We want to share the love of God in Jesus in a way that’s as accessible as possible to families of all shapes and sizes.
  • We believe that the best way for people of all ages to come closer to God is by journeying together.
  • We want to model who Jesus is to those around us.
  • We believe God is in Messy Church and we want to follow where God leads.
  • We think Jesus is the person to give people in our community life in all its fullness.
  • And many, more…

Some not as good reasons:

  • It’s the latest thing so it must be good.
  • The church up the road is running a Messy Church so we need to or we’ll get left out.
  • The minister says we need one.
  • We need younger people in our church to do the jobs we used to do when we were young.
  • We want to revamp our Sunday congregation.
  • We want to get together for a nice sociable time with crafting and games.
  • It sounds fun.
  • We’re bored with sermons and want to change.