Messy Easter Greetings

Messy Easter Greetings

April 3, 2018

Roberta J. Egli

What a blessing it is to see pictures on Facebook posts of all the Messy Easter celebrations all over the world! Pictures of Easter egg hunts from California to South Carolina, foil crosses from South Africa, empty chocolate egg tombs from the UK and a friend’s post who created a two foot lamb centerpiece shaped from Rice Krispies cereal and marshmallows. There are many creative ways in which to joyously celebrate the Risen Christ who brings us the promise that we can live a full and abundant new life today! Alleluia! 

Centerpiece or Dessert or Both?

I have been reflecting on this question from my Easter morning prayer, “Today, how will I live joyfully in God’s new creation?” I wrote the question on my April calendar so that I will be reminded each and every day to live joyfully. During this Easter season, I have made a commitment to daily engage in the spiritual practice of living joyfully!

This daily practice is a reminder to keep centered in the risen Christ, God’s new creation! I doubt if I am the only one who finds myself ‘out of balance’ at times. My life at times looks like a spinning top that is beginning to wobble prior to falling over! When I neglect or forget to keep Christ at the center of my life through daily prayer and reflection, everything begins to wobble which leads to frustration rather than joy!

Five Foundational Values of Messy Church

Being ‘Christ Centered’ is one of the foundational values for Messy Church. How does your Messy Church team keep yourself centered on Christ as you meet to review, plan and create your Messy Church? Finding ways to keep ourselves centered in Christ is the focus for our April newsletters. Over the next weeks look for these upcoming blog posts.

Let’s Keep Christ in the Center of Messy Church
 Pray Together
 Listen Deeply
 Explore our Core
 Practice, Practice, Practice!

I want to hear from you and your team. How are you keeping Christ in the center as you play, plan, create, lead and engage in messiness? Let’s learn from each other this spring!
Messy Blessings, Roberta

Messy Church USA Network News

Have you checked out the new directory page on our website? Is your Messy Church on the map? You must register yearly at one of the three network levels to become part of the directory. In March we had 18 new registrations on the website, four sustainer members, 10 supporter members and four registered members! THANK YOU!

We want to hear from you!  We need you to help us keep our directory up to date.  Do you know of another local church in your area that is not listed- contact them and encourage them to register. We are not able to meet our mission to connect each other in the Network when we don’t know that you have brought Messy Church to your neighborhood!

Please register your Messy Church with both Messy Church USA and with Messy Church International. Here’s why you should:As part of our Messy Church USA, your information will be put on directory on the website where people can find you! In addition, you will be connected with the network of Regional Coordinators who are available to provide support to your local Messy Church Team.

Registering your Messy Church on the International Messy Church site will ensure that your Messy Church will be included in the International database. Due to privacy laws, we are not able to share your contact information with the International Messy Church family; we need you to do that! Register on the Messy Church BRF website page. You will need to log and and create an account prior to registering. If you need assistance, let me know at So don’t delay– sign up today!

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