Summer Time…savoring moments to be

Summer Time…savoring moments to be

Roberta J. Egli 

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh
Orsay Museum, Paris

Have you been able to take any time this summer to ‘be’? One of my favorite summer moments where I was able to ‘be’ occurred during our vacation this summer. We spent a week in Paris and then went on to Germany to be with my sister at her wedding. It was my first time in Paris and seeing all the masterpieces was unbelievable. However I will never forget entering into the oval shaped rooms at the Musée de l’Orangerie and becoming immersed in the beauty of Monet’s water lilies. I was literally surrounded in beauty and as I turned 360 degrees my mouth fell open and I almost forgot to breathe!

Close up of Waterlilies, one of eight large panels  by Monet
Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris

As I returned home, my days filled up with email, phone calls, and to do lists that kept getting longer. I was reminded that in the midst of doing, I must become more intentional about finding moments to ‘be’. Letting go of our ‘doing’ and spending time ‘be-ing’ is a spiritual discipline.

We each have preferred ways of sinking into moments of ‘be-ing’- whether it is a moment of silence, listening to a favorite musician, taking a walk , looking for beauty in our everyday lives or getting lost in a book. One does not need to travel thousands of mile to find space, time, and beauty!

Writing about vacations and moments to savor may seem out of place for those of you who have already returned to school schedules. Your days and weeks may be filled with getting kids out the door for school or prepping for the busy fall kickoff in your church. Perhaps you are getting your Messy Church supply closet cleaned out and ready for another year! My friend, this is precisely the time to become more intentional regarding taking time and space in our lives to be.

I came across this animated video by Anita Rundles illustrating the beautiful poem The Summer Day by Mary Oliver which is a great reminder for us to take some moments to wonder at the world around us.

My prayer for all of you as August turns into September that in the midst of your messy and busy lives, you will find moments to savor, moments to breath a thank you to God for the gift of this ‘one and precious life’ that we have all be given. Yes, I know we have much to do, and as you read on you will see opportunities to join in the messy fun! However my friends don’t forget to be as you revel in the mystery of God.

Messy Blessings, Roberta


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